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Ever wonder where the term fiction came from?  Actually, here's a better question, ever wonder why it's used so much?  I mean, sure, a lot of the things you read, see, play in that genre are very in depth, and sometimes convoluted, when it comes to the characters, the worlds, even the scenarios that play out.  But yet, somehow, we still convince ourselves that there's no way that they can be true.  
In that effect, I ask, can the human consciousness truly fathom the fact that we are not alone in the universe, or even at the top of the evolutionary chain here on earth?
The human imagination is a very powerful force; there is no denying that.  But we don't utilize it the way you think.  I should know these things, because I have seen them all, and I'm human, sort of.  But, don't worry; I still don't believe most of it.  But like I said, I've seen it, with my own eyes, so there is no denying it.
Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is that you have been lied to, your entire life.  Everything you think is fiction is really fact.  Remember that as you read on.
It's the reason why I wanted to be here for my report translation, because I want to make sure that you see the truth for once.  I still have to release it under the pretense of fiction, but trust me on this it is not.
This is getting to the point where we cannot handle this by ourselves anymore.  The higher ups say I'm paranoid, but my gut is rarely wrong, as you will see.  I could be fired for this, or worse, but you have to know.
So, if you can handle it, read on, hear my story and think.  The next time you get that weird feeling you're being watched, the next time you see your favorite action movie, read your favorite book, look at your favorite comic, play your favorite video game, and your imagination runs wild, just remember what you read here.  Realize that you are probably not too far off from the truth.
If not, do me a favor and give this to your kids, your nieces and nephews, that strange child you see in the park, any young person, because they are the true believers, and they will truly listen.  They are the future, and they are needed, just like we are needed.  But to continue this journey, to continue to protect the fantasy of your happy, albeit very dull lives, we will need them to help.
I ask again, please just listen, and keep your eyes, ears, and minds open.

---Jeff Edwards, SGA Special Agent
And so the Prologue...many of you have seen it before...but it has a new name! So read it again anyway!
eclipse-paladin Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009
A very well written prologue,I'll defenitly read the other chapters.
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November 19, 2007
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